'Juliet' Program

The stepping stone program to build the foundation level required to undertake the ‘Gazelle’ Program hours.


4:00 - 6:00pmBallet Foundation Level 3 - 'Juliet Program'


5:30 - 6:30pmBallet F Level 3 Contemporary
6:30 - 8:00pmBallet Foundation Level 3 - 'Juliet Program'


4:00 - 6:00pmJuliet Program


9:30 - 12:00pmBallet Foundation Level 3 - 'Juliet Program'
9:30 - 3:30pmBallet Foundation Level 3 - Full DAY OPTION

Note: Ballet Foundation Level 3 ‘Juliet Program’ Full Day Saturday students will also be prepared for a Cecchetti examination.

Fee Structure

All fees are calculated on $16.50/hr rate.

Dress Code: Set Classical Leotard (no skirts), Classical hair style, ballet tights and appropriate shoes - flat ballet shoes, pointe shoes, contemporary thongs and contemporary black tights worn over classical uniform.

All Ballet Foundation 1 & 2 students are required to do a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week.

Ballet Foundation 3 (This program is the ‘Juliet Program’ the preliminary year for the Gazelle Program); students are required to do the 3 classes per week. Students will be invited into the full day Saturday program.

In order to do examinations from Ballet Foundation 2, you must attend attend all the classes for your level. (3 days per week)

Dress Code: Girls - Set Wear Moi Classical Leotard (as pictured), Classical hair style, ballet tights and appropriate shoes - flat canvas ballet shoes with ribbons for Levels 2 && 3, elastic for Ballet Foundation Level 1. Boys: Black/navy bike shorts/ tights can be worn for older boys , white ballet shirt, white socks and white canvas shoes.

Leotards can be purchased from the Bloch Shop - 23/1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley.

Leotard Colours: Apricot Wear Moi leotard (Tuesday), Pink (Energetiks) Thursday available from CCA & Lilac (Saturday) Wear Moi leotard.