'Gazelle' Part-Time Program

Students from Approx Age 9 will have the opportunity to increase their training hours so that they can transition into training full-time at an older age. The CCA ballet programs are strongly influenced by Royal Ballet School teacher Ms Anita Young and other renowned teachers who McGrath has worked with over the years including her own senior teachers who have 40+ years teaching experience.

Gazelle students undertake Classical Technique Syllabus, RAD Exam Syllabus, Cecchetti Exam Syllabus, Repertoire, Open Class Work, Mime and Contemporary Technique & Choreography.


Friday – (Optional Full Day)9:00-3:30pm
Only when students and their parents are ready do they take on a full school day Friday program. All of our current ‘Gazelle’ students’ schools have approved of them attending CCA on a full Friday.
Saturday9:00-3:30pm (Includes Contemporary from 2pm)

Fees: Provided by request

Dress Code: Set Classical Leotard (no skirts), Classical hair style, ballet tights and appropriate shoes - flat ballet shoes, pointe shoes, contemporary thongs and contemporary black tights worn over classical uniform.