Full Time Program

This program is for very dedicated students wishing to pursue a career in classical ballet. At CCA we prepare students to enter company schools for the final 2-3 years of training. Top company schools take students from 15 years of age, so it is vital they come through the foundation and ‘Gazelle’ programs to achieve the highest possible standard they can achieve by 15-16 years of age. All our full-time students finish their schooling through Distance Education.

Full-Time students undertake Classical Technique Syllabus, RAD Exam Syllabus, Cecchetti Exam Syllabus, Repertoire, Open Class Work, Mime and Contemporary Technique & Choreography.


Monday – Friday 9:00 - 3:30pm

(Students may start at just 4 days per week or build up to the 5 days if they haven’t come through our ‘Gazelle’ Program)

Fees: Provided by request

Dress Code: Set Classical Leotard (no skirts), Classical hair style, ballet tights and appropriate shoes - flat ballet shoes, pointe shoes, contemporary thongs and contemporary black tights worn over classical

Classical Coaching AUSTRALIA offers passionate ballet students the opportunity to be trained and nurtured under very experienced staff.

Contact us for information on this and other programs.